Base package

What is in it, what can you use it for?

Base package is for those one-person and small businesses, as well as for small projects, or small teams in big organizations where you want to solve single or a few things fast, easy.

Number of users in the base package is still unlimited, thus you can get value for a very low price.

What is included in the Base package?

Software, server, backups, automated ugprades - all.

E-mail customer service.

We do not limit the number of transactions, queries etc.

What is not included in the Base package?

Initial training, phone support, any other customizations, industry-specific solutions (e..g if you are an attorney office, you will be able to use the generic software, but not the pre-set process templates, templates).

Integration with your other systems and initial data import / upload is excluded, too.  You will need these if you want to further automate your business and still want to keep other systems, otherwise you will be OK without this.

Are there any other limitations in this package?

You can only use a limited number of areas in the package. This means that if you want to cover more than this number of areas, you will have to upgrade to further packages.

1 gigabyte of storage (this is sufficient for an average user for 5 - 10 years).  You will get additional storage at the same price you got the initial package (no additional fees, charges or any other "penalty" will be applied).

Can you give me examples, what can I use it for?

You can use all features, functions, which can be found in the other packages, e.g.:

  • CRM - sales, customer service
  • CRM - marketing and mass e-mails
  • SRM - suppliers and procurement
  • HRM - recruitment, dismissing, evaluating employees
  • Invoicing
  • Supplier invoice handling
  • FInancials
  • Projects
  • Taks management and calendar
  • Documents