Deployment guide

What if I encounter deployment problems?

1. Please check first if you are connected to the Internet: please open your favorite browser and enter an often-visited website.

2. Please check the system requirements below.

To do so yourself please click here to download our system requirements checking application, then run it.

3. Please check results shown and if necessary contact your local system administrator or IT helpdesk / personnel.

4. If necessary, please contact us at the contact details provided here.


System requirements

Please, prior to deployment, check the following:

1. User operating system: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003, Server 2008. To run the application Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 (included in Vista, Windows 7) needed.

2. Internet connection: leased line, ADSL, cable, 3G mobile minimum 1MBit/s (maximum 10 concurrent users)

3. Local network: 10 Mbit, 100Mbit, Wireless G (one access point: maximum 10 concurrent users)

4. User hardware: available (free, not used) 1GB RAM (for Windows XP and Win7) or 2GB RAM (for any other operating system), 1024x768, Intel Core/Centrino Duo

5. Firewall access, for installation: port 8000 (towards / from

6. Firewall access, for use: 9201‐9210 TCP port open to

7. Optional: system administrator right on the local machine


How do I start the application? And how do I update it later?

After deployment the application can be started just like any other Windows application, thus there is no need to go into a browser, again. Thus, the application becomes just like another Windows application. And later, when you start the application again, it automatically checks any updates and updates itself. So you will always be using the same, most up-to-date version.