Services, features and prices Base(1)  Professional Premium
Price to use all (any) solutions $24 
( £18 I €22 )
( £29 I €35 )
( £44 I €53 )*
Software, as a service: use any of our solutions
E-mail support
Standard consulting / training (2)
Guaranteed service level (SLA)
Option to modify user screens(2)  
5 x 10 phone support  
Custom consulting -  option(2)     O
Custom development -  option(2)     O
Custom interfaces - option(2)     O
7x24 phone support(2)     O
Storage / user, MB (3)(4)  500  1000 2000

(1) Our Base Package contains completely the same features, functions, solutions just like all our other packages. There is only one difference: in the additional services provided.

(2) Premium Package Options: available at an additional one time or recurring fee, to be determined on a case by case basis. In return you receive fully customized service and support.  We have to take care of delivering and supporting these solutions, which require additional personnel cost on our behalf, which results in higher fees.

(3) Storage used is calculated on a "per company" basis - this method favors our customers and not us (!) E.g. in case of 2 users in the same company: if user Adam uses 50 MB, and user Eve uses 150 MB (50+150MB = 200MB), we will not invoice any additional fee, yet.  Any additional 1 GB: $10 / £8 / €10 per month per each additional 1 GB started. Storage used means the size used by all your files & database storage.

(4) In case of Base package: you get local safety continuous backup, only. In all other packages there is a local safety backup created plus an additional continuous safety copy is kept updated to a 2nd hot standby site (geo-replication) that is at least 250 km's / 155 miles away.

10xONE pricES and packages

One price - all solutions

All packages include servers, software, regular backups and standby data center.

Pricing depends just and only on your chosen service level.