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Calendar - resources

  • Resource management - resource types and categories
  • Resources classes (Human, Assets, Materials etc.)
  • Human resource timing, scheduling e.g. workers, professionals, consultants, salespersons - keeping track of planned and actual use
  • Non-human resource timing, scheduling e.g. buildings, equipment, rooms - keeping track of planned and actual use

Calendar - multiple resources overview

  • Multiple Resources Overview Calendar - see all resources in the same calendar
  • Resource usage: plan and actuals
  • Plan and actual resource / time usage - calendar

Calendar - resource utilization (%)

  • Resources Scheduling / Utilisation (%), person based

Calendar - time reporting

  • Resource Time reporting, tasks
  • Resource Time reporting, non-project related tasks
  • Stopwatch (start / end recording) function
  • Tight integration with Task and Event management: Tasks and Events can automatically register time usage in Plan or Actual calendar
  • Time Report Approval

Resource rates (cost, revenue)

  • Resource usage rates
  • Resource Usage (Cost) Rates (part of Contract Management)
  • Resource Billing (Revenue) Rates (part of Contract Management)

Integration - Microsoft Outlook, Google Calendar

  • Office Outlook and Google Calendar: Calendar and Tasks integration
  • Integration with smartphones through Google Calendar

Calendar + time planning, reporting

Resource management, time planning, reporting, accounting

Calendar and time planning and time reporting: both on the personal and on the group level.

In concert with tasks, processes, projects, other activities. No separate time planning or reporting is required.

All these can be applied for an any number of employees, subcontractors, vendors, too, as well as for non-human resources.

Non-human resource management is new and important: you can manage all the important resources the same way you are managing human resources.  And: you can allocate rates (internal or external), time (planned and actual), invoices  (customer and supplier), documents to each event or resource usage.

Non-human resources can be buildings, equipment, rooms, vehicles.

And: all these are accessible anytime, from anywhere. Flexible, firm-level calendar including workdays and non-working days and periods.