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Contact center & call center

  • Incoming call/contact management
  • Multiple channels: voice, web-callback, email, sms, chat, social media including Facebook
  • ACD & routing: incoming realtime and offline contacts are processed by an Automatic Call Distribution engine using Skill-based Routing rules.
  • Any location: Customer Care agent/users work from home or any other location
  • Customer call forwarded to a menu system (voice response) for accessing generic information or pre-filtering customer needs
  • IVR: Interactive Voice Response offers dynamic data announcement and self service functions
  • CTI (computer telephony integration) increases customer efficiency via screen pop and/or customer identification
  • Recording: Conversations can be recorded for legislatory or quality monitoring purposes
  • 360 degree reporting on the contact center operation (real time and historic)

Campaign management

  • Execution of telephone based voice campaigns
  • Outbound Predictive Dialer
  • Campaing and list management
  • Callback request handling
  • Scripting tool for supporting converstion with customer and data collection

Full integration

  • Partner master: customers and other parties data (no need to load / upload / update)
  • Process integration: start sales, customer care or other (e.g. receivable handling or logistics e.g. return handling) processes
  • Same users: no need for separate administration
  • Access to details: financials, logistics, warehousing and more: access all features, functions & data in one

Call and contact center: reporting, analytics

  • Agent response times
  • Utilization%
  • Channel statistics
  • Preparation of automated SLA reports

Virtual, cloud contact center & call center

Fully integrated into all other areas of 10xONE

Our contact center and call center solution is a full blown contact center, with multiple channels, ACD, routing and more, from the cloud, available on a subscription basis.

It is more, much more, than what you find in other "average" Call Center or Contact Center packages.

You will be able to use it together with CRM Customer Care, Ticketing and Service Level Management, Sales Fees and Bonuses and Logistics or Financials in 10XONE.  

All in together - in tight integration with each other.  It just simply works the way you always wanted - but maybe you did not even know you wanted.