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Sales - partners, customers

  • Complete partner master data handling
  • Actual and prospective customer / partner handling
  • Handling of individuals and legal entities (firms)
  • Fast, easy, multiple-criteria-based search in partner master
  • Partner contacts - separate, but related partner contact master
  • Classification of partner contacts (supporter, influencer, main decision maker, bottleneck)
  • Partner organisation - handling of multiple, separate but related legal entities

Sales - products, classification

  • Assignment of products to partners, customers
  • Classification of partners, customers

Sales - proposals, contracts

  • Proposal and contract templates and actual proposals and contracts handling
  • Management of proposal templates in one place, ensuring that always up-to-date versions of proposals are used
  • Management of contract templates in one place, ensuring that always up-to-date versions of proposals are used
  • Handling of concrete (under preparation, already prepared, sent, approved or rejected) proposals
  • Handling of concrete (under preparation, already prepared, sent, approved or rejected) contracts

Sales - sales, customer care objectives

  • Planning and objective setting for sales and customer care
  • Marketing and sales objectives, targets - by customer, process, project etc.
  • Marketing and sales plans handling and following realisation

Sales - sales process management

  • Sales process - multiple versions of the same sales process and flexible change
  • Management of the complete sales process
  • Handling of multiple versions of the same sales process (depending on customers, products, geography etc.)
  • Sales process can be changed, modified anytime by the user
  • Notifications for expiring tasks / approval and checking steps
  • Notification of responsible persons on approaching / expired deadlines
  • Insertion of an unlimited number of control / checking steps

Sales - lead management

  • Dynamic handling of sales leads, grouping of sales leads; keeping track of planned and actual numbers, documents produced
  • Assignment of sales leads to salespersons
  • Notification on expiring contracts

Sales - opportunity management

  • Dynamic handling of opportunities, grouping of sales leads; keeping track of planned and actual numbers, documents produced
  • Assignment of opportunities to salespersons

Sales - sales networks and MLM

  • Management of multi-level-marketing network
  • Complete management of entire direct sales network
  • Complete management of multiple-level sales network
  • Intelligent data sharing over the entire MLM network
  • Keeping track of and management of sales network contracts - allowing sharing contract details on the related levels

Sales - campaign management

  • Set up campaigns and measure them in projects with all relating indicators (KPI's), financials, documents, events, resources
  • Resources, tasks, documents, events: planning, keeping track of, analysis

Sales - connecting sales inside, outside

  • Sales and other functional areas or other firms: cooperation
  • Connection of sales process to the "rest of the firm" including operations, customer care, service provision
  • Sharing / allocation of multiple or single steps, documents in the sales process with customers
  • Allowing salespersons to track / see prepared invoices, revenues, outstanding receivables and cash received
  • Full remote access for salesperson to the same, centrally stored data, securely, anytime, anywhere

Sales - sales analysis

  • Analysis of bottlenecks in sales process
  • Lead / opportunity analysis
  • Sales pipeline (sales leads and opportunities in a graph)
  • Late sales tasks analysis (by salesperson, process, geography, product etc.)
  • Identification of bottlenecks
  • Bottleneck and efficiency analysis for the entire firm's all sales processes, projects

Sales - service management

  • Management of tickets / calls / service requests
  • Entry of tickets / calls: with service, priority, client, service to be performed etc.
  • Classification of tickets / calls / service requests into service level agreement (SLA) categories (if used)
  • Scheduling of tickets / calls / service requests
  • Forwarding of tickets / calls / service requests to the person or role responsible
  • Continuous update to client on ticket / call / service request status
  • Continuous update to the client relating to the given ticket / call / service request via e-mail updates
  • Handling / management of the entire process relating to the ticket / call / request
  • Tickets / calls / requests can start an unlimited number of processes which all automatically update ticket / call / service request status
  • Assignment of differing process variants, deadlines and duration, as well as service levels, depending on ticket / call / request type, urgency and client
  • Fast, easy modification of pre-set processes
  • Scheduling and prioritization
  • Fast, easy prioritisation / scheduling of tasks
  • Service level agreement management
  • Task-related SLA fully integrated, intelligent handling: determining expected start and finish times based on urgency, client, type of task
  • Measurement of SLA performance
  • Preparation of automated SLA reports
  • Calculation of service fee (internal as well as customer fees): calcuation of, registration, billing
  • If and when the ticket / call / service request handling is performed on a for-fee / paid (per event) basis, then the calculation of the resulting service provision fees


Salesforce management - beyond usual CRM

10XONE is more than what you find in other usual CRM salesforce automation packages.

You will be able to use CRM salesforce automation in concert with everything else in 10XONE.  

All in together - in tight integration with each other.  It just simply works the way you always wanted.

And: it works across your firm's boundaries: manage external sales partners, agents the same way as if they were internal employees.