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Customer invoicing - basics

  • Legal compliance
  • Fully compliant with all legal requirements (including EU VAT handling)
  • Transparency - management in one screen with all the other Financials
  • Management in one place together with all the other financials (supplier, customer invoices, bank, cashdesk, recurring invoices, advance payments etc. in one screen)
  • Full history and clear, one-screen, multiple line tracking of planned revenues up to financial settlement
  • Clear display of the relating other elements (e.g. sales order or partner) to allow the user to immediately see the actual basis of the invoice

Master data and customer invoices

  • Partners, items (article or services), VAT - fast data entry
  • Free addition of further revenue items and fast allocation of General Ledger Posting rules (if necessary)
  • Time-dependent settings (e.g. VAT code or revenue-item and cost center allocation)

Customer invoice types

  • Handling of all relevant, often used invoice types - and their relationships to other entities
  • Advance payment
  • Match advance payment to customer invoice
  • Partial payment
  • Customer invoice note (preliminary "invoice" to check details of the invoice to be sent later)
  • Credit note and cancelling invoice
  • Clear display of full invoice history with all the relating, assigned financial events
  • Cash and bank settlement of customer invoices
  • Collective invoice, collecting multiple items (e.g. Several deliveries in one invoice)

Customer invoice relationships

  • Full, clear display of all the financial events that relate to a given customer invoice from budget to actual financial settlement
  • Customer invoice items can be analysed together with revenues
  • Loading of customer invoices into the system through open interface into the system
  • Posting of customer invoice items to the General Ledger

Customer invoicing - additions

  • Repeated customer invoice items (e.g. daily, monthly, weekly, yearly)
  • Handling of multiple currencies
  • Custom text on invoices
  • Customer invoice preview and save preview as Document into document registry
  • Invoices - documents
  • Customer invoce: automatic backup / save of customer invoice into the Document registry
  • Credit limit management
  • Fully automated handling of customer credit limit
  • Automated crediting of customer receivable and credit limit upon payment

Customer invoices - statistics, analysis

  • Overdue invoice full analysis
  • Search through customer invoices, based on different criterias (advanced search)
  • Search through customer invoice items
  • One view of customer invoices, ordering, sorting
  • One view of customer invoice items, ordering, sorting
  • Exporting customer invoice items in 6 different formats
  • Exporting customer invoices in 6 different formats
  • Cost statistics: extermely flexible reports (pivot grid, ad-hoc reports, analysis)
  • Analysis / reports can be saved and published to others for viewing

Plans, contracts, prices, clearing, currencies

  • Revenue plans
  • Customer contracts and rates, handling of (time dependent, several other parameters handled)
  • Project, process, task, const center, employee assignment to customer invoices (as actual revenue generators)
  • Clearing: fast, easy assignment of customer invoices relating to bank and cash non-related movements
  • Automatic conversion of exchange rates in multiple currencies at the same time
  • Follow / track invoices sent
  • Follow / keep track of customer invoice sent (invoice status)

Customer invoicing

The basics and beyond

Full handling of customer invoicing: from contracts through planned revenues to money received. Management of special cases e.g. advance payment, multiple financial settlement.

Customer invoicing works together with CRM, receivables management and all the other generic, but important, parts of 10XONE.