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Documents - base features

  • Intelligent management of document versions
  • Document Binders (one document, multiple versions, automatic tracking of versions)
  • Store Full Version History of Documents (not only links to external files!)
  • Document tracking and history
  • Document status tracking - working copy, approved copy, final copy
  • Document relationships (contracts, projects, cost centers, employees etc.)
  • Assignment of documents to project, process, firm, cost center, task, employee, asset, financial event or financial document
  • Assignment of document to a given, specific contract and access document directly as part of a contract
  • Link Documents to Partners (Customers, Suppliers and Other collaborating partners)

Documents - visibility and access

  • Intelligent document-access rights, algorithms
  • Intelligent algorithm to ensure access to documents - no workgroups or other, manual access-right adjustment is necessary

Documents - team editing

  • Document check out / check in for team editing
  • Check out documents from Document registry for local (on-line) or remote (off-line) editing
  • Check in (save back) documents to Document registry for further version control
  • Document locking for editing (while locked no other user can edit it)
  • Documents in-place, secure editing with saving documents to server

Documents - types, numbering

  • Document types, formats and relating rules
  • Document Types (classification of documents)
  • Different Document formats, including scanned documents
  • Document Types with Automated Numbering from Pre-Assigned Numbering Range and Format
  • Multi-Organisation Document Numbering Rules

Documents - filing

  • Filing of documents with storing filing date; external reference numbers can be stored with document, too
  • Filing of documents with storing physical storage place, as well

Documents - additional features

  • Keywords and similar documents
  • Document Keywords and Keyword Based Search
  • Similar and Same Document Linking
  • Document shredder
  • Document Permanent Deletion ("Shredder")
  • External documents, handling of
  • Storing reference to external documents (e.g. Local copy of document or website)
  • Storage of documents in place or on the cloud servers
  • Subscription to documents
  • Assign those persons to documents who should be notified, should a change to the document would occur
  • Automatic notification of subscribers upon document change
  • Documents with Access Control (Visibility / Change)
  • Document Event Log and History

Electronic document management

Create, share, find - easier

Management of documents (in several electronic format) as personal or firm / group related documents.

Storage of documents in an easy to search for, well organised manner.

Documents stored can be accessed remotely, personally or by the team / group / process / project etc.

Keeping track of different versions of the same document.

All these in line with other "things": tasks, financials, processes, projects.

All these in a multi-firm setup, too, with refined, easy to manage access-rights management. No setting of access rights is required on the single document level, ensuring that the system will be actually used, and not only in theory.