We operate an integrated management system for you

Our certified integrated management system unifies all our processes which are important for you.

All these objectives are utmost important to us:

  • quality management: we know what services we provide, we know why we provide those services and we know how we create value for you
  • environment protection: we make available remote work with making information travel instead of people.  Besides, our servers, assets and offices all treat environment protection a primary objective.
  • information service provision management: all our information service provisioning processes must be planned, measured and evaluated, as well as on this basis we continually improve all these processes
  • information-security management: as we manage our clients' data, this must be clear, why we treat this as a priority.  This does not only imply technology-solutions, but we have set up and operate our entire organization, operation and contracts such a way that your data remains secure with us.

It's proving: Our integration management policy.
Downloading our integration policy

Our certificate prove the fulfilment of these above objectives:

  • ISO 9001: quality management
  • ISO/IEC 20000-1: information-service management (ITIL - IT Infrastructure Library)
  • ISO/IEC 27001: information-security management

all these in an integrated management system.  The entire management system has been certified by IQNet, a worldwide certification organization.