10xONE Manufacturing

Manufacturing made simple, easy & flexible

Manufacturing has many faces.  At first glance all manufacturing companies are the same: they buy, produce, store, transport, sell.

Under the surface all manufacturing businesses are different. Software solutions built with "We know the best, how you work!" are widely available.

But how about a solution that is really like your firm: unique.  Flexible: you draw, change drawings and the software changes. Networked: you can work together with your suppliers and customers on the same data, share inventory, orders (purchasing, customer), even can chat with each other.  All documented, visible, with live notifications. Manufacturing for the 21st century. It is your time to move!

Note: You may also want to check our Software Project Management website and our Flowchart / workflow management website- these are 10xONE Solutions just packaged differently. And they are suitable for all project-based or heavily process-oriented manufacturing organizations, we believe.