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Projects, networks - basics

  • Project / working place / network - base data and hierarchy
  • Project hierarchies, management of
  • Project / working place: deadlines, status, description

Projects, networks - plan, status, rules

  • High level deadlines
  • Status
  • High level description
  • Project / working place:rules and organisation
  • Project leader and project organisation as well as relating resources and their project-based roles - together with history
  • Project industry / functional area classification - project terminology, expressions, terms follow industry-specific terminology

Projects, networks - budgets, plans, actuals

  • Project / working place: planning, budgeting
  • Preparation of project / working place budget (revenue and cost plan)
  • Project plan (more concrete) revenues and costs: planned and assignment of planned items to budget items
  • Project / working place: tracking of budget and financials
  • Project-related invoices, other financial events, as well as assigning them to plan / budgets
  • Project-level cash flow summary / analysis

Projects, networks - objectives, contracts, schedule

  • Project / working place: objectives, schedule, task plan, resources, risks, issues, ideas and contracts
  • Project / workplace related contracts
  • Project / workplace related objectives and objective-hierarchy ("soft targets")
  • Project / workplace related schedule (Gantt-chart)
  • Project / workplace related detailed task-plan, breaking down the high(er) level schedule

Projects, networks - resources, risks, ideas

  • Project / workplace related resources and their rates (project costs will be calculated with using these rates)
  • Project / workplace related risk-hierarchy, assigning risks to responsible persons and following risk status
  • Project / workplace related ideas, idea-hierarchy, responsibles and status
  • Project / workplace related notes

Projects, project management

On time, within budget - in one

Project management - together with everything else that really matters to you.

See all in one place.  Find all in one place.

Project plans (with Gantt charts), project plan tracking (actual events and tasks), assignment of tasks in project plan.

Personal (not only project-related) tasks-list and project task-list work together.

Project documents and budget, tracking different versions of documents.

Tracking consumption of time, budget, handling costs and revenues relating to project.

Project invoicing and incoming invoices management. Project management, even for multiple firms, groups, too.

Project requirements (things the project is supposed to deliver) can be registered and kept track of, too.


No more separate project logs, reports, papers.  Because it is better together in one.