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Gantt diagrams - basics

  • Create new, save
  • Dependencies: finish to start, start to start etc.
  • Import Microsoft Project XML files

Execute Gantt diagrams: projects - basics

  • Projects - base data
  • Projekct hierarchies, management of multiple project hierarchies
  • Project deadlines, status, description
  • High level deadlines
  • Status
  • High level description
  • Project: objectives, schedule, task plan, resources, risks, issues, ideas and contracts

Projects - rules and organization

  • Projects: rules and organization
  • Project leader (manager) and project organization as well as relating resources and their project-based roles - together with history
  • Project industry / functional area classification - project terminology, expressions, terms follow industry-specific terminology
  • Pre-set format-based numbering of project instances (e.g. Orders, Tickets, Waybills, Cases, Calls, Leads). Format can depend upon customer, project, firm, year.
  • Project variants: pre-set flowcharts for projects = different flows for the same project
  • Depict project-variants in flowcharts and change / manipulate projects in flowcharts (BPMN compliant)

Projects - definition, creation

  • Requirements: different criteria for project steps, to be fulfilled to finish the project step successfully or to route execution
  • Assign document templates to project steps or entire projects
  • Assign responsible persons or roles to project steps
  • Project templates - Copy projects

Projects - financials, management accounting

  • Project: planning, budgeting
  • Preparation of project budget (revenue and cost plan)
  • Project (more concrete) revenues and costs: planned and assignment of planned items to budget items
  • Project: tracking of budget and financials
  • Plans and actuals: create planned (expected) revenues, costs, other items, including KPI's (indicators)
  • Project-related invoices, other financial events, as well as assigning them to plan / budgets
  • Project-level cash flow summary / analysis

Projects - further links to other areas of use

  • Project related contracts (financial, non-financial and SLA's)
  • Project related objectives and objective-hierarchy ("soft targets")
  • Project related resources and their rates (project costs will be calculated with using these rates)
  • Project related risk-hierarchy, assigning risks to responsible persons and following risk status
  • Project related ideas, idea-hierarchy, responsibles and status
  • Project related notes
  • Project-product allocation
  • Recurring Tasks

Projects - external connections, other applications

  • Externally Accessible project Status / Task Status
  • e-mail addresses can be assigned to any project to start project instances (e.g. enquiry, call, sales lead)
  • Start internal (system) activities from any project (e.g. inside a manual workflow create an automated step of printing an invoice)
  • External Application Calls (from 10XONE to other applications)

Projects - reports & analysis

  • Project status report for any period - a pre-set report that can be run with setting multiple parameters
  • Analyze project activities in a very flexible Pivot table, together with other (non-project, or non-project-only) activities
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Web-based project planning / Gantt chart and execution - in one

Prepare Gantt charts on the web as you do on your desktop. Save them and share them with anyone at your business.

Should you need just a simple Gantt chart / project planning solution: we have it: just sign up and start to use it right away. Our software actually understands and executes Gantt charts: actually our 10xONE software works according to the Gantt charts.

Projects created even work through the boundaries of multiple firms: invite your customers, vendors, subcontractors, consultants etc.  You immediately share the projects you created with them - and data contained in the projects. This way you can really work together.

You will see all these running projects, while all other external parties will see only the ones they are part of.  And there is even much more to it.

Costs and revenues relating to projects can be collected, planned, analysed, too.  As such, projects in our 10xONE software "talk" with all other parts of the software: documents, financials, inventory, indicators and more. So your entire firm becomes really one.  This way theory becomes reality.  And: management becomes real, as well.