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Purchasing - partners, customers

  • Complete partner master data handling
  • Actual and prospective supplier handling
  • Fast, easy, multiple-criteria-based search in partner master
  • Partner contacts - separate, but related partner contact master
  • Partner organisation - handling of multiple, separate but related legal entities

Purchasing - purchasing planning

  • Plan future purchases well in advance - create multi-month purchasing plans
  • Purchasing plans to collect the purchasing needs for several, even independent, legal entities
  • Consolidate and analyze purchasing plans received to create request for quotations / bidding based on future expected / planned purchasing needs

Purchasing - purchasing processes

  • Draw purchasing processes
  • Execute purchasing processes drawn
  • Attach all relating data to purchasing processes including articles, financials, documents (e.g. order forms, purchasing forms)
  • Create / assign purchasing forms, documents (e.g. RFQ's) to purchasing processes
  • Create multi-level approval processes, based on different conditions, roles or the items being purchased
  • Manage purchasing activities with all other activities, in one screen
  • See planned, approved or rejected purchasing activities and relating financials
  • Assign probabilities to different stages / statuses of the purchasing process

Purchasing - open up your process to suppliers

  • Invite your suppliers to your purchasing processes
  • Suppliers can directly enter their quotations, contracts or contract lines
  • Visibility rules ensure that suppliers only see data relating to them
  • Allow suppliers to enter data while using your article master, their article master or the two combined, ensuring consistency of data entered
  • Different suppliers can enter quoted prices for the same line items - you can compare the differences

Purchasing - master data

  • Partners, items (article or services), VAT or sales tax, articles - fast data entry
  • Free addition of further cost items and fast allocation of General Ledger Posting rules (if necessary)
  • Time-dependent settings (e.g. VAT or sales tax code or cost-item and cost center allocation)

Purchasing - analysis

  • Plan versus actual purchased
  • Analyze purchases by partners, cost centers, financial items, articles, time, project
  • Drill down to the single purchasing transaction level

Purchasing and Supplier management

Purchasing, suppliers - just more

Planning purchasing, multi-organization purchasing or making your entire purchasing process transparent, flexible and efficient - now it is all possible.

From coordinating large scale, multi-organization purchasing, including public and private organizations and sourcing organizations, to the actual purchases, all in one.


And even more: open up your purchasing planning, purchasing processes and delivery processes to your suppliers and work together with them as one.