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  • Create new, save
  • Add a name and share with others


  • Simple drawing objects - they are "just there", but if you click on them, nothing happens. These are drawing elements just like in any other drawing application.
  • External weblinks: if someone clicks on these chart elements, a website link will be opened
  • System function calls e.g. start a menu point in a given solution
  • Show an element in the system: document, acitvity
  • Hide an element / show an element
  • Jump to another part / location (anchor) in the same Smart chart
  • Jump to other Smart charts - if you click on such an element, it opens another smart chart


  • Collection of web-pages in a nice chart e.g. you can collect all your favorite links relating to sales & marketing in a nice chart
  • System Documentation: to document something e.g. a Solution in our system or an existing system structure
  • Project documentation: to collect project documents in a nice chart and then access all documents from the chart - and not from boring folders.
  • Solution Menu: yes, you can build a Smart chart and then assign it to any of our Solution's menu points.
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Draw charts that are actionable

Imagine that you can draw a drawing in which elements, when someone clicks on them, can open other webpages. Only with this you can immediately start, open many things on the web.

Or start functions in our system.

Or start functions in other systems.

Or can open documents in our system or in other systems.

Or can open notes, activities in our system.

Or open / zoom in to another smart chart.

At any time, when you click an element in a Smart chart - something will happen.

Why smart charts are more

In static charts (presentations, PDF's, other graphical documents) - when you click on an element in the majority of the cases nothing happens.

A Smart Chart is a similarly colorful chart - one you can create in other drawing applications. The difference is that for certain elements in a smart chart - the ones you want - you can set up actions: what happens if someone clicks on them.

This will allow you to create self-explaining charts, documentation charts, software menus, collection of webpages in a chart etc.