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Supplier invoices - base

  • Filing, approval process: fully flexible, can be changed fast
  • Filing of incoming invoices
  • Approval process for different incoming invoices (fully manageable and can vary based on type, amount etc. of supplier invoice)
  • Transparency - management in one screen with all the other Financials
  • Supplier invoice management in one place, together with all the other financials (supplier, customer invoices, bank, cashdesk, recurring invoices, advance payments etc. in one screen)

Master data and supplier invoices

  • Partners, items (article or services), VAT - fast data entry
  • Free addition of further cost items and fast allocation of General Ledger Posting rules (if necessary)
  • Time-dependent settings (e.g. VAT code or cost-item and cost center allocation)

Supplier invoices - Invoice types

  • Handling of all invoice types - and their relationships to other entities
  • Advance payment
  • Match advance payment to supplier invoice
  • Partial payment
  • Supplier invoice note (preliminary invoice to check details of the invoice to be sent later)
  • Credit note and cancelling invoice

Supplier invoices - Connections, history

  • Clear display of full invoice history with all the relating, assigned financial events
  • Clear display of the relating other elements (e.g. Purchase order or partner) to allow the user to immediately see the actual basis of the invoice

Supplier invoices - Payment

  • Cash and bank settlement of supplier invoices
  • Few-click payment of supplier invoices in cashdesk
  • Few-click payment of supplier invoices through bank transfer

Supplier invoices - Other features

  • Repeated supplier invoice items (e.g. Daily, monthly, weekly, yearly)
  • Handling of multiple currencies
  • Collective invoice, collecting multiple items (e.g. Several deliveries in one invoice)
  • Credit limit management
  • Fully automated handling of supplier credit limit
  • Automated crediting of supplier payable and credit limit upon payment
  • Supplier invoice relationships
  • Full, clear display of all the financial events that relate to a given supplier invoice from budget to actual financial settlement
  • Supplier invoice items can be analysed together with revenues
  • Loading of supplier invoices into the system through open interface into the system
  • Posting of supplier invoice items to the General Ledger
  • Invoices - documents
  • Supplier invoce: automatic backup / save of supplier invoice into the Document registry
  • Search through supplier invoices
  • Search through supplier invoice items
  • One view of supplier invoices, ordering, sorting
  • One view of supplier invoice items, ordering, sorting
  • Exporting supplier invoice items in 6 different formats
  • Exporting supplier invoices in 6 different formats

Supplier invoices: statistics, analysis

  • Cost statistics: extermely flexible reports (pivot grid, ad-hoc reports, analysis)
  • Analysis / reports can be saved and published to others for viewing

Plans, contracts, prices, clearing, currency rates

  • Cost plans
  • Supplier contracts and rates, handling of (time dependent, several other parameters handled)
  • Project, process, task, const center, employee assignment to supplier invoices (as actual cost holders)
  • Clearing: fast, easy assignment of supplier invoices relating to bank and cash non-related movements
  • Automatic conversion of exchange rates in multiple currencies at the same time
  • Supplier invoice checking based on contract prices

Supplier invoices

Plan and manage purchases, handle invoices - easier, better

Supplier invoice management: from purchase till financial settlement, the entire process can be managed.

Time your planned and actual supplier invoices - with relating cash flows.