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Activities - basics

  • Complete task list for the entire firm (and beyond: multiple firm / division / unit task-lists)
  • Task-list for the entire firm, secured with access rights and proprietary rules
  • Independent (standalone) Task hierarchies, editing hierarchies with drag-and-drop
  • Multiple firm task hierarchies spanning multiple firms, divisions, units
  • Sharing tasks amongst multiple entities / firms
  • Group, list, filter activities list

Activities - task assignment, visibility 

  • Fast assignment of tasks to different responsible persons or roles
  • Hiding / showing / maintaining tasks depending on project / workplace / process roles
  • Handling of own as well as subordinates' tasklists, based not only on organisational hierarchy, but project / workplace / process hierarchy

Activities - priorities, dependencies 

  • Fast prioritisation / scheduling of tasks
  • Hierarchy-independent task dependencies (predecessors, successsors)

Activities - status tracking 

  • Task status management, status tracking, progress tracking
  • Task status tracking: pre-set and customisable task statuses and status transitions
  • Color coding of tasks, according to their status
  • Track Task Progress (%) tracking, in line with task status
  • Automatic update of parent task status and % based on child task status and %
  • Task Event Log (with automated Status Reporting)

Activities - Events 

  • Handling of events as part of tasklist
  • Meetings
  • Calls: incoming, outgoing
  • Questions, open issues
  • Ideas
  • Incoming and outgoing e-mails
  • Time reporting against event entries
  • Show / create events in calendar
  • See events together with tasks and processes
  • Task difficulties

Activities and e-mail

  • Management of e-mail boxes as part of the activities screen
  • Convert incoming e-mails into tasks with a single click
  • Convert incoming e-mail attachments into version-controlled documents with a single click - no need to download documents then upload them again manually
  • Send activity-related documents as an e-mail with a single click - again, no need for manual download and upload
  • Assign e-mail addresses to activities, processes; kick off processes with incoming e-mails (e.g.,

Calendar and synchronization

  • Show all events and tasks in one single calendar
  • Enter events, tasks, processes in calendar view, as well
  • Sync your entries with Google Calendar, automatically (Google applications or gmail account needed)
  • Sync your entries with smartphones through your Google Calendar

Activities - Documents

  • Task / event documents
  • Assignment of documents to tasks / events: any type or number of
  • Export task-list, reports, status reports
  • Export task list or a given view of it into an external file (Excel etc.)
  • Task list reports: least, most tasks assigned per resource, bottlenecks, task status, late tasks
  • Automated status report preparation relating to Projects and Processes, for a given time period

Activities - intelligent features

  • Multiple task dates, original, actual and fact date
  • Short (takes minutes or hours) and long (takes days or weeks, months) task handling, too
  • Temporary deadlines handling
  • Deadline types (e.g. For legal or engineering work)
  • Out of scope / extraordinary tasks (with separate handling in Status Reports)
  • Milestone tasks
  • User Customisable Task Types
  • Task Dependencies: Status and Start / Finish Time
  • Task uncertainty (%)
  • Further resource allocation to tasks, besides responsible / assigned resource; % based resource allocation
  • Requirements can be classified and assigned to a Project and Process and, besides, to Task. Creation of checklists based on requirement-list
  • Risk log

Activities - time reporting

  • Time reporting, time usage
  • Task-related time reporting (worktime, reported time - with full integration with calendar)

Activities - service level management (SLA)

  • Service level agreement management
  • Task-related SLA fully integrated, intelligent handling: determining expected start and finish times based on urgency, client, type of task
  • Measurement of SLA performance
  • Preparation of automated SLA reports

Activities - efficiency, bottlenecks

  • Bottleneck and efficiency analysis for the entire firm, all processes, projects

Task and event management

Eventually you can really manage

Personal, group and multi-firm task management. Handling of complete tasklists. Prioritising tasks, scheduling tasks.

Task hierarchies and groups. Task handover-takeover and assignment and re-assignment.

All these in line with group calendars, documents, project plans and more, much more.


Plenty of smart solutions that enable you to eventually manage - in practice.